My name is Kathleen and I live in the Hudson Valley. While living in Mexico and learning the language, I traveled to many states and small villages where I was continually inspired by the craftsmanship of handmade goods that differed from place to place. In my fourth month abroad, I was compelled to start a small import business to share some of the beautiful objects that carried me along on this experience. I wanted to work with the artisans who I had gotten to know, to support their businesses, and to share their distinctive, well-crafted goods to my community. My goal was to stay connected to the individuals that I met in Mexico, and to stay connected to a place that inspires me. 

SALSITA has grown from my love of connecting with people, with the many terrains and patterns of the country, and being surrounded by beautiful, well-made, and meaningful goods. SALSITA is a collection of handmade supplies including pottery, woven palm, wool, and cotton textiles from the different states of Mexico. I work directly with individual makers and families whom I met along my travels.

My goal is to foster and support a connection from my community in the United States to the different communities I have come to know in Mexico. It is my hope that SALSITA’s carefully curated goods will bring beauty and inspiration to your home.

By supporting SALSITA, you are supporting a woman-owned small business as well as artisans in Mexico whose work is a tapestry of their land and traditions.