About Sabor de Salsita

I have been making salsa weekly for the last year and a half since living in Guadalajara with my Aunt Penelope. She taught me my first salsa recipe and I have been making salsa by hand ever since.

Each batch of salsa is handmade by me; using the methods I learned from home-chefs in Mexico and canned using the methods I learned from professional canners in the United States. Salsa with these chiles can be found all across Mexico. While the ingredients stay consistent, each one is as unique as the person that makes it. These are my recipes based on the recipes I learned in Mexico.

 I hope you enjoy the flavors of Mexico that are carried through in these jars. Each jar is made with love.

Below you can read more about the salsa we are selling.

Salsa Chile Morita

This is a smoky salsa made with a fully ripened, smoked jalapeno chile.  Fully ripening the jalapeno gives these Morita chiles a unique medium hot, smoky flavor. This is my everyday salsa.


Salsa Chile de árbol

Chile de árbol is a hotter chile, which lends to a spicier salsa. It is the hottest of the four.


Salsa Macha

This is an oil-based salsa comprised of roasted nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and two kinds of chiles. The salsa is made using chile guajillo for flavor and chile morita for spice.


Salsa de Corazon (Chile Guajillo)

Chile Guajillo is a sweeter chile with mild to medium heat. I wanted a salsa that reminded me of home. My inspiration for this salsa came from a home recipe that originated with guajillo chiles and tomatillos, which is a bit different from my guajillo and tomato mixture. I named this salsa Heart Salsa because my first batch was made in my hometown of Healdsburg, CA with the ingredients sourced from my favorite mercado, Casa Del Mole.